About Bryer

Bryer Sousa is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Sousa currently serves the United States Army Research Laboratory via Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a Graduate Research Assistant. In his capacity as a researcher, Sousa couples his knowledge of applied mathematics and computational modeling – as they relate to physical/chemical systems – with novel experimental characterization techniques as a means of developing methodologies that will predict the nano/micro scale thermo-mechanical behavior of cold sprayable alloy powders. Prior to joining Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Materials Science and Engineering community Sousa served the University of Southern Maine’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics as an Undergraduate Research Fellow; studied under various mentors within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Maine; and joined the R&D Department at ARC Technologies, Inc., which attends to electromagnetic inference applications. Prior to beginning his academic efforts in Worcester, Sousa was awarded an Honorable Mention from the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program.